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Jun 16

4 Tips Truck Drivers Want You To Know

Semi-trucks have to follow strict regulations and reduced speed limits on the road, which can sometimes make your drive frustrating. But when you’re stuck behind a truck, don’t challenge your good driving habits and speed past them. Remember that there’s one goal you both have in common: getting home safely.

Here’s four tips from truck drivers on how to make sharing the highway safer:

1. Know When to Pass
When you’re behind a semi in traffic, passing can be dangerous, especially on an undivided highway. Don’t rush the decision; ensure you have enough time to safely pass without interfering with oncoming traffic and never pass on a solid line.

2. Allow Extra Stopping Distance
Big rigs and heavy vehicles have more mass and take longer to stop. Even if it slams on its brakes, a semi-truck travelling at 90km/hr will require at least 525 feet to stop. Be mindful of the extra time they need to slow down and don’t cut in front of them. You may be able to react quickly, but heavy vehicles require at least four times that.

3. Avoid Blind Spots
It’s no secret that semi drivers have reduced visibility. Even with additional mirrors, there are four blind spots alongside their vehicles. Keep this in mind when driving beside a commercial truck and, if you notice a semi signalling or merging into your lane, try to move over quickly. Chances are the driver can’t see you.

4. Give Space on Hills
Maneuvering hills can be challenging for heavy vehicles. Due to their weight, most commercial vehicles gain momentum while travelling downhill and stagger along while going uphill. Don’t be surprised if their speed fluctuates heavily and ensure you maintain enough space to act as a buffer if they do accelerate quickly. Always avoid passing vehicles before they go downhill for added safety.

Highways 63 and 881 are busy industry routes with lots of wide loads and commercial vehicles travelling them. By exercising caution on the road and using these tips, you can help make our highways safer for everyone.

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