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Mar 20

Whether you’re a driver, part of the community or a government authority, we all want the same thing—to make our highways safer. And as vehicles […]

Jan 19

As many Albertans can attest, winter driving can be unpredictable. So while you’re out on our highways this season, make sure you’re prepared for one […]

Jun 16

Semi-trucks have to follow strict regulations and reduced speed limits on the road, which can sometimes make your drive frustrating. But when you’re stuck behind […]

Jan 18

Everyone should carry an emergency kit in their car. You hope to never have to use one, but in the event of a road side […]

Nov 15

It was a quiet day in September on Highway 63. We had started our journey to visit several communities along Highway 63 and 881 when, […]

Sep 1

Whether you’re heading out with your tent trailer for the last camping trip of the season, or pulling your summer toys back home to put […]

Aug 3

On May 3, 2016, over 80,000 people were forced to flee Fort McMurray. Leaving our homes, possessions and lives at the mercy of a 100,000-hectare […]

Jun 23

Many Albertans have begun to head back to Fort McMurray to rebuild their lives after the wildfire. After a month of living in limbo, they […]

Jun 7

During the evacuation from Fort McMurray, many vehicles were abandoned as they ran out of gas or encountered other issues. Fire and weeks of idleness […]

May 31

One thing that we’ve all learnt over the past few weeks is how big-hearted Albertans can be. We’ve seen that when our neighbours need a […]

Apr 28

According to Alberta Transportation, speeding doesn’t always kill. But it does increase the severity of a crash, and reduces the time you may have to […]

Mar 30

  Throughout the month of March, we’ve highlighted the history of the Coalition on our Facebook page. Along with CEDA, Devon Canada, and the Regional […]

Feb 25

One text. One GPS entry. One lipstick application. That’s all it takes to change someone’s life forever. Distracted driving is a behaviour that most people […]

Nov 20

On November 18, we remembered and honoured those we’ve lost on Highways 63 and 881, as part of the National Day of Remembrance for Road […]

Oct 23

With the twinning of Highway 63 at 99% completion, a large hurdle for traffic safety in the region has now been overcome. But road safety […]

Oct 16

If you live in the northeast region of Alberta near Highway 63 or 881, you know all too well the carnage and devastation families have […]

Aug 12

It’s a warm August day, the Wildberry Festival is under way in Boyle and the Coalition, along with its members Access Pipeline and Enbridge team […]

Jun 22

Summer is in the air. Days are longer and warmer and we’re all looking to make the most of the beautiful Alberta weather. Long drives […]

Jun 4

This is about the similarities between the impact of a red-eye flight and driving impaired by fatigue. It was my first trip to Europe, an […]

Apr 8

Winter’s almost behind us, and with that comes new driving challenges. It’s tempting to speed up when you find some clear roads, but stats show […]