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Aug 15

Do you have a grip on Alberta’s road conditions?

As Canadians, we’re proud to say we can handle any weather condition, but can we really handle them while driving? Thanks to our silver member Red Arrow, we were able to test that idea with our Coalition gold members Cenovus and Suncor, as they got behind the company’s driver training simulator at a recent safety event.

Set in one of Red Arrow’s coach buses, the Mobile Training Unit (MTU) is a fully equipped driver training system.  In this simulator, drivers sit behind the wheel of the vehicle and test their driving skills for different road conditions, such as heavy rain, fog, and ice.  They can quench their need for speed and explore the threshold for driving through several scenarios risk-free.

Prior to testing their skills in the MTU, most of our participants felt they were great drivers and could handle any road condition thrown at them. However, after stepping out of the simulator, most admitted to often crashing or hitting an object.  The mobile training unit was a great chance for participants to really test their limits, but the Coalition would like to remind everyone that, unlike the simulator, life does not have a reset button.