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Oct 23

Infrastructure Isn’t Everything


With the twinning of Highway 63 at 99% completion, a large hurdle for traffic safety in the region has now been overcome. But road safety is made up of much more than just infrastructure. If those that drive the highway don’t choose to practice safe driving habits, there will continue to be a large occurrence of serious and fatal collisions.

During the final stretches of twinning, local law enforcement has already seen increases in the number and severity of speed violations. Sgt. Sonny Kim, Commander, Boyle/Athabasca Integrated Traffic Unit (ITU) comments: “Since the twinning of Highway 63, Boyle ITU has seen increased numbers of high rate speed violators.  It is too early to assess whether the twinning of Highway 63 is the cause of increase in speed and violators, but we’re quite concerned with some of the driving behaviour we’ve seen on the highway of late.  Boyle ITU will continuously patrol Highway 63 and will monitor this issue.”

We’re very encouraged by the benefits the twinned highway will have on our communities, and it may be too early to tell if the twinning itself has caused the increase in excessive speeding. But it’s not a possibility we can afford to ignore. We ask drivers on Highway 63 to continue to drive in a safe manor. Just because the dangers of an untwined highway are gone, does not mean that safe driving habits are no longer important.