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Apr 8

Keys to a safe spring drive

Winter’s almost behind us, and with that comes new driving challenges. It’s tempting to speed up when you find some clear roads, but stats show that it’s under these conditions that most fatal collisions happen.

According to Alberta Transportation, 68.9% of fatal collisions in 2013 happened under dry road conditions.

But dry roads aren’t the only contender you’ll find this spring. During this time of year there are fluctuations in temperature, creating variations in driving conditions. Things to be aware of are melting snow, icy roads, snowstorms, and rainstorms. Road conditions can change quickly as temperatures hover around zero degrees, so a good practice is to assume roads may still be icy.

As a result of Alberta’s harsh winters, roads are typically in rough shape after the snow melts. New potholes spring up, along with leftover gravel from sanding trucks.

Keep these things in mind while you drive over the next few months. Knowing what to expect this spring will help you arrive safely and avoid any unnecessary repairs to your vehicle.

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