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Aug 12

Visiting Communities Along Highway 63: Wildberry Festival in Boyle

It’s a warm August day, the Wildberry Festival is under way in Boyle and the Coalition, along with its members Access Pipeline and Enbridge team up to serve lunch.

Spending time in the communities surrounding Highway 63 and 881 helps grow the Coaltion’s understanding of the traffic concerns in each region. It connects us to the people who rely on these highways, which results in a better understanding of what needs to be done to continue progressing towards a culture of shared responsibility and shared values for safe driving.

The Coalition, along with its members, had a great day sharing stories and encouraging people to take the Pledge. A number of people took the Pledge from their cell phones, showing their full support for safe driving on Highway 63 and 881.

A big thank you to Stuart Carter and Carleen McCreight from Access Pipeline, Emma MacIsaac, Jenn Downs, Todd Whillans and Allan Toledo from Enbridge, Todd Hammond and Kevin Aseltine for volunteering a Saturday to spend time in the community sharing our message of safe driving.

The Wildberry Festival is held in August each year to celebrate the friendly community of Boyle and the diverse people who live and work there. Boyle is located in Athabasca County, on Highway 63, approximately 163 kilometres north of Edmonton. The community is named after former Alberta Minister of Education, Justice John R. Boyle and was founded in 1916.

Boyle Wildberry Festival