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Oct 16

Drive Safe Day at ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC)


If you live in the northeast region of Alberta near Highway 63 or 881, you know all too well the carnage and devastation families have suffered because of fatal crashes. Since 2003, 190 people have lost their lives on both highways and this figure doesn’t include the hundreds of people who were seriously injured. That is 190 families, mothers, fathers, wives, and husbands who received a dreaded door knock on the door letting them know they lost a loved one in a tragic crash. Imagine how many people were affected by these fatalities, how many people had to pick up the pieces and find a way to move on without a loved one.

On October 8, ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC), a Coalition member brought together our key partners – RCMP, Sheriffs, Safe Communities Wood Buffalo, Alberta Transportation, Alberta Motor Association (AMA) and the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) to collaborate on a drive safe day at one of their worksites. Employees could test their driving skills in AMTA’s mobile simulator, see an actual vehicle roll over, get winter driving tips from a driving expert and hear first hand from a survivor of a serious crash.

Why so much effort just to talk to people about safe driving? Because our members, like CPC, care deeply for their employees, communities and drivers on Highway 63 and 881. They also recognize that the only way we will make a difference is to work with other stakeholders in an effort to change driving behaviours, one driver at a time.

We believe that when we all come together we strengthen our voice and safe driving message. Together we can end the pain and stop the dreaded door knocks.