I am signing The Pledge for you, myself and everyone who travels on Highways 63 and 881. 

This is my pledge to do all that I can to arrive safely at my destination and ensure the safety of others travelling along these two highways. I will not travel alone unless I have no other option. I will not get behind the wheel if I have had any alcohol or drugs. I will not drive tired. I will respect the speed limit. I will only pass another vehicle if it’s safe to do so. I will not text. I will not talk on the phone. I will not get distracted by my playlist. I will check the road conditions before I leave. If weather takes a turn for the worse while I am on the road, I will pull over into a safe zone and rethink my plans.

I will ensure my vehicle is good to go. My vehicle will have the right tires for the season and be in good condition. My lights will be clean and will work. My windshield wiper fluid will be full. I will travel with a roadside emergency kit. I will let you know when I am leaving and check in along the way, but only once I am safely pulled over. My phone will be fully charged in case of an emergency. I WILL REMEMBER EVERY ACTION COUNTS and that others are counting on me to do my part for a safer journey. You have my word.